Briana A. Clements
Practitioner & Teacher || Owner & Founder || Wisdom Whispers Softly™

My Story

I like to read. A lot. As in, all the time. So when Spirituality & Health Magazine announced they were publishing a series of books by the author of my favorite column, “Roadside Assistance for the Spiritual Traveler” by Rami Shapiro, I immediately ordered and devoured the entire series. I then followed that series with more and still more of his books. One evening, while immersed in Perennial Wisdom for the Spiritually Independent, by Rami Shapiro, of course, I experienced a profound aha: I am a wisdom seeker and have been my whole life!

While this may not sound like a big deal to you, it was life-altering for me. I looked back on my life and felt like an idiot for not realizing it earlier. Every hobby of mine has centered around quiet contemplation: reading, journaling, taking long walks, photography. Even the not-so-quiet ones like dance and playing the violin. And even energy healing — especially energy healing — which is like entering into a meditation with another being. All the activities I’ve valued over the years involve turning inward and listening.

I then realized It’s Time: time for me to share what I’ve learned about how to turn inward and listen; about how to connect with and hear your own inner voice of wisdom; and how to trust that voice to guide you and support you.

A number of years ago I had developed a script for my daily cultivation practice. It actually started out as a study aid for a Reiki course I was taking where we had to follow an intricate series of practices every day for 90 days. After I had completed the course, I continued modifying this cheat sheet to suit my needs until it eventually evolved into a “placeholder” for my daily wisdom practice. This script has been so easy to follow and so easy to return to whenever I stopped practicing for a while that, after my aha, I realized it’s potential for helping others create their own unique practice.

Using this script as my inspiration, I devised a step-by-step method enabling me to guide people through the process of designing their own wisdom cultivation practice. Because I wanted to make sure my approach is inviting and flexible, I also took a seven-month, 200-hour, multi-cultural, multi-faith facilitator training in Meditation and Contemplative Studies. And then I began teaching!

Learning how to connect with your own wisdom in your own way is meaningful and powerful. Whether you choose to study with me or with someone else, I wish you clarity and peace on your journey.


* * * * * *

I hope the information I’ve provided has helped you determine whether my classes interest you or not. In the meantime, there’s one more thing I really need to add:

I am not a psychologist or a philosopher or a member of clergy, and I definitely do not possess any psychic abilities. I doubt there’s anything particularly wise about me.

I’m not teaching wisdom cultivation to impress you with my “worldly” knowledge or “clever” wit, or to demonstrate what a great role model I am. I’m just me. Wisdom cultivation is so intrinsic to my nature and, because of that, I’ve figured out a way to connect with it and help it grow. That’s what I have to offer.

I’m wise enough for me but I would never want you to get the impression that I’ve got wisdom worth sharing — I don’t. My wisdom is my own. My belief system is my own. They are eclectic and eccentric and suit me perfectly. Just as you, on the other hand, have your own wisdom that fits you like a glove.

Don’t believe me??? Then come check out one of my workshops.