Briana Clements, ACBT, LMT, Reiki Master
Healing Arts Practitioner || NYS Licensed Since 1990 || Park Slope, Brooklyn

Hours and Session Info

Sunday01:00 pm-08:00 pm
Monday01:00 pm-08:00 pm
Tuesday01:00 pm-08:00 pm
Wednesday01:00 pm-08:00 pm
Thursday01:00 pm-08:00 pm
Friday01:00 pm-08:00 pm
Saturday01:00 pm-08:00 pm

A one-to-one Meditative Bodywork™ session incorporates Reiki and all the other energy-based bodywork modalities I’ve studied over the years, along with meditation and silence, to provide you with a deeply meditative, quieting experience that guides you to places of stillness within where your inner healer and inner wisdom reside.


What is a one-to-one session like?

In a calm, soothing environment, while you are resting on a massage table fully clothed, I’ll use a light touch to facilitate the movement of energy in your body. Because we are all constantly changing and this work responds to where you are in this moment, every session is different and unique. All of the techniques I utilize are gentle and noninvasive; the effects are usually soft, authentic, deep, and uplifting.

Sessions are 60 minutes long to allow your body to deeply relax during the session and thereby receive the full benefit of the work. There is less table work in the first session due to extra discussion about your medical history, expectations, etc. For all other sessions, I begin with about 5 minutes of guided meditation, followed by approximately 40 minutes of hands-on work, and conclude with another 5 minutes of guided meditation. The remaining time is yours for reflection and/or to ask questions.


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